How Your Business Can Profit From a Professional Installation

In a previous blog, we wrote about where to start when considering a commercial automation solution.

We provided ideas as to how you can integrate technology already within your business and have each component work together within one system.

An automation system, when professionally installed, can add convenience to your Charlotte, NC, company’s operations.

More importantly, though, commercial automation can put your company in a more profitable position. How might that be? Keep reading to find out.

1) Save Time and Energy

Commercial automation can streamline many of your office’s distracting, lengthy tasks. 

In a boardroom, for example, a dealer can install a system that automatically turns off lights, closes shades, and activates a room’s entire audio and video equipment in advance of a meeting or presentation.

Without dealing with the hassles of technology, you instead can focus on the content of your meeting, inspire discussion, and ultimately return to your work quicker.

If your business engages in client-facing practices, you can turn on your office’s TVs, separate lighting systems, and more, all through one easy-to-use interface. You quickly can change any setting from anywhere within the workplace through either a keypad, touchscreen, remote, or smartphone or tablet application.

As your employees spend less time on office management, they can utilize more of their work hours to improve your company and in turn, earn your business more revenue.  

2) Make Your Business Run Efficiently 

By streamlining your office’s technology through commercial automation, you save your company money – even while you’re spending it.

During the winter, for example, your control system automatically can lower custom blinds at sunrise so that you simultaneously can have sunlight enter the room and keep heat from leaving it. 

In the summer, you can complement darker shades that block sunlight with a lighting system that can brighten your workplace environment. To keep operating costs low, we recommend LED lighting for your office.

With an office automation system, you not only can save on energy costs, but you also can have peace of mind and focus your energy elsewhere. 

A professional can integrate a complete security system onto any automation platform, and you will be able to lock doors, turn off lights and even monitor your office at night – all from the comfort of your own home.

3) Create a Welcoming Environment For Employees and Clients

Two keys to owning a successful business are having return customers and ensuring employees help your company grow.

How might an office automation system affect either of those two things?

Consider this: A customer enters your office ahead of an appointment and sits in a waiting area fitted with custom lighting and shade control, an Ultra-HD TV, and a high-quality audio system. Instantly, they feel comfortable within your environment and are ready for a positive experience.

Even if your company’s office doesn’t focus on client-facing operations, you can adjust the lighting to reflect a cooler color, one that encourages concentration and productivity from your employees.

You even can streamline some of the software your business utilizes so that employees can access information quickly and ultimately complete more work within each day.

If you’re interested in providing your Charlotte, NC office with a commercial automation system, we can answer any questions you might have.

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