An Immersive
Golf Simulator for
the Ultimate Office

All work + all play

Hit the Links Without Ever
Leaving the Office

This client wanted a superior workspace where they could present in their boardroom as well as play golf at company events in the same afternoon.

The golf simulator we partnered with for this project is the same technology used in TopGolfs around the country and has since found its way into rec rooms, offices, and even in homes across the country, including the one and only Tiger Woods.

Our projectors are cinema quality, but there’s more to the simulator than just a sharp screen running at high frame rates. As an official PGA TOUR and TPC Network of Courses licensee, we accurately mapped real courses to bring them to life in the simulator.

Immersive and Realistic
Professional Golf Simulator
for Home and Office.

av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte_co-da_residential_audio_video_installation
av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte
av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte


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