Set up the ultimate tailgate trailer for your next event!

CO-DA BOX | Tailgate Trailer


A full entertainment solution for events and gatherings

CO-DA Box is ready for any
tailgate or outdoor event.

tailgate trailer charlotte audio video
tailgate trailer charlotte co-da box lifestyle technology
tailgate trailer charlotte co-da box lifestyle technology
tailgate trailer charlotte co-da box lifestyle technology
tailgate trailer charlotte co-da box lifestyle technology

Who Can Use
the CO-DA Box?

Anyone who wants to make their game day, fundraising event, or any other type of celebration, the best it can be!
CO-DA BOX | Tailgate Trailer

Where to Use
the CO-DA Box


When you use the CO-DA Box, you don’t have to worry about transporting below-grade speakers with low batteries or bulky wires. We made sure to only use the highest quality speakers to ensure all of your friends and family can hear the game, while also sinking every beanbag in corn hole. The TVs in the tailgate trailer show the truest color and the picture can be seen clearly no matter how bright it is outside.

This isn’t just the ultimate tailgate trailer, this is the ultimate game day experience.

tailgate trailer charlotte co-da box lifestyle technology

Fundraising Events

There can be a lot of pressure on development teams to raise enough funds to reach their goals, that’s why CO-DA Box is the perfect solution to reduce stress for the event. Our tailgate trailer makes it possible to put on an incredible outdoor event without the hassle. We took care of every detail, so the audio and visuals are set for the day, and all you have to worry about is inviting the people, we promise, we will represent you well. Donors often associate excellence with your cause, so blow them away with an unbelievable experience using our fully-automated tailgate trailer.


Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or concert, CO-DA Box is the best way to bring unforgettable energy. The tailgate trailer is fully equipped with the highest quality sound and TVs, so your guests are engaged for the entire span of the event. Celebrate no matter what the weather is like using our tent, over 40 feet of astroturf, and outdoor seating. You never have to worry about awkward silences or talking to each guest again, because there will be plenty of entertainment around them in the CO-DA Box! From games and music to seating and TVs, we offer everything you need to host an incredible experience.


Have the best tailgate trailer at the event with the CO-DA Box.

Remove stress from hosting, and let us do the hard work. We provide audio, visuals, and the ultimate setup to wow your guests and turn heads from any passerby.

Our tailgate trailer will make your guests feel like VIP with this premium setup. Surround sound audios and TVs will make sure every person in the area wants to join your party.

We have customized our CO-DA Box to meet your every need, so when you rent this tailgate trailer, you get your money’s worth and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Why CO-DA Box?


Tailgate trailer set up in Charlotte, NC, for a big event
The CO-DA Box tailgate trailer is the ultimate solution for parties and events that require a “wow” factor. You won’t find a better combination of premium audio or TV display with any other tailgate trailer rental. We are an expert audio/video company that work with complicated technology solutions everyday. We are not just renting out the best entertainment trailer ever created, we are also bringing the modern automated technology that we work with everyday to your event in the simplest way possible. Lastly, we ensure that all the technology, audio, and TVs are easy for you and your group to operate, so you can get the absolute most out of your luxury tailgate trailer experience. Reach out today to learn more about our tailgate trailer solution.
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A New Era Of Support

Your technology deserves the best when it comes to tech support, and we have made a substantial investment in our service team to ensure you get exactly that.
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