Simplify your smart home experience

The Ultimate voice-controlled
home automation system

Experience the next evolution of voice-controlled smart home technology with This new smart home system casts a vision for the future of automation, using modern AI technology to simplify and improve all of the technology in your home into a simpler and safer experience. Josh offers the most natural and advanced voice control that will vastly improve your life at home through intelligent technology control. 


Made For Everyone
Convenient For Any
Age or Ability

Josh was built for everyone, so anyone in your home will be able to use it even when you’re away. From lights, air control, audio, visual, shades, and more, Josh eliminates the need for touch screens and controllers.

Natural Language Voice

Voice control with Josh makes the home a much more accessible environment for the elderly and visually impaired. It also offers the most natural and advanced voice control, so Josh will integrate seamlessly into your home.

No Selling of Data
Guaranteed Security &

Built on a foundation of privacy and security, you don’t have to worry about your data or conversations being tracked and shared. Instead, you can have total peace of mind knowing you’re using your home the way it’s meant to be, to its full potential.



Interested in smart home automation? As a certified dealer, CO-DA will make sure your smart home automation project is installed seamlessly into your current lifestyle. We’ll also ensure you know how to use your new systems and be there if you ever need further assistance. We are your one-stop shop for any and all automated technology needs. Our partnerships with the latest best-class technology brands enable us to provide unmatched pricing and products.
Technology should be simple and make your life easier, not harder. We provide an easy and seamless experience utilizing our expert designers to get you started with our installation team and ensure your technology is working and keeps working through our in-house monitoring system. We make having your dream smart home achievable and sustainable through and other top-notch industry leading brands.
voice control, naturally
Control the technology in your home with your voice

AI Technology and complete VOICE-ACTIVATED automation

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Your technology deserves the best when it comes to tech support, and we have made a substantial investment in our service team to ensure you get exactly that.
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