All CO-DA home theaters are pre-built using state-of-the-art 3D software. We pride ourselves on measuring twice and cutting once. That way we can carefully layout furniture, design the room, and add speakers for maximum acoustics. We're the best home theater installation company in the business.

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Don't build a dull home theater room that's exciting at first but you'll rarely use. Choose us, the best in the business, and allows us to create your unique space.

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3D Design

We'll 3D layout your home theater room to get measurements and help you conceptually pick out colors and make any changes before the build begins.

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Building & Integration

We have highly trained technicians and licensed electrical contractors on staff so that we never have to outsource your home theater installation. Our strategic partners can add to your room, making structural changes. In turn, this will be added value should you ever choose to sell.


Building a home theater system is a dream for many homeowners. Sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to define a system that will transform your property. 

NO. 01


Think your seating should be an afterthought? Think again. For professional home theater installers, seating is where it all starts.

Why? Because where you sit will determine where you put just about everything else in your home theater.

From screen size to placement of the surround sound system, even positioning of light fixtures throughout the space – everything is based on where you put your seats.

And these aren’t your average, everyday recliners. The design of custom theater chairs will offer support and comfort – the kind you need to sit through a three-hour superhero slugfest.

Custom theater chairs should be high enough to rest your entire back, but they shouldn’t impede the sound from reaching your ears.

NO. 02


Dolby Atmos isn’t just for commercial theaters anymore. You can experience professional-quality sound even in a small room.

A Dolby Atmos surround sound system only requires a minimum of 5.1.2 channels – that means five speakers around you, one subwoofer, and two overhead or up-firing units.

The result is a sphere of sound that completely envelops a listener in the most realistic audio you’ve ever heard.

Now that most Blu-ray discs, digital downloads, and even video games offer Atmos sound playback, there’s no excuse for not enjoying theater-quality audio in your own home.

NO. 03


Ok, we’ve cheated a bit here. Not every theater needs a high-contrast screen. But if you have to deal with a lot of ambient light, or you’ve put your theater in a non-traditional location (like a garage), this is an essential piece of equipment.

Screens are typically white because it reflects the most light. That makes the image brighter and the experience more satisfying. But white screens don’t discriminate with the types of light they reflect.

If there’s too much illumination in the room, you could suffer a washed-out-looking picture.

A high-contrast screen is usually black or dark gray. The design rejects any light not directly placed in front of it. So unless you’re watching your TV outside on a sunny day, you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing what’s going on.

NO. 04


Have you ever stepped into an empty, unfurnished room and started to speak? You may have noticed an echo, even when you were speaking at an average volume. Hard, flat surfaces reflect sound, which makes empty rooms sound hollow.

When you install a home theater, often the first things added are carpet and plush seating.

They can help regulate the sound. But home theater audio is all about optimization. You don’t want to hear good audio; you want to hear the best.

If you do not hear the best sound possible, you may need acoustic treatments. Typically, acoustic treatments take the form of wall or ceiling panels that help absorb more sound, so you’ll hear less of an echo.

They’re very common in larger home theaters.

NO. 05


Unlike acoustic treatments, which are supposed to make the sound in the room better, soundproofing keeps the sound from bleeding through the walls. That means you can listen to your movies, sports, and other content at louder volumes without waking the neighbors.

But soundproofing a room isn’t always as simple as adding some sound dampening materials within the walls. There’s quite a bit of science to it. Sometimes it’s even necessary to build a small room within the room; a process called decoupling.

Your integrator or audio expert will understand what’s necessary when it comes to soundproofing your space.

NO. 06


Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of your home theater. Too much, and you can have a hard time watching your movie. Too little, and it can be impossible to navigate your space, especially if you have to get up while a movie is playing.

Clever applications of light are a must. Your overhead fixtures have to illuminate independently, so you don’t have to raise everything each time someone needs to move around.

Additionally, you can install tread lighting along the floor to indicate clear walkways without disrupting the movie.

Ready to get the most out of your custom home theater? You know the basics if you’ve been following: finding the right screen, integrating an immersive audio system, and installing proper seating.

But there’s a lot more to know about crafting the perfect home theater on your property. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with the ultimate home theater, contact us here.




It really all depends on the setup of your home, the vision for your home theater, and your overall viewing experience preference. We highly recommend reaching out to the CO-DA team to get an expert opinion. 

You want a home theater experience that’s better than the movies and the best way to do that is by having the best home theater speakers or sound systems. However, there are key differences between certain systems and you won’t be able to tell which one fits your home best without expert input. Contact us today and we will give you a free consultation.

The experts at CO-DA believe surround sound does make a difference. An epic home theater isn’t complete without an epic sound system, in fact, it can make or break the entire home theater experience. That’s why we encourage you to bring the movie theater to your home with our top-rated brand recommendations.

CO-DA can not only help with home theater installation, we will take it to the next level by integrating custom technology to work with your home. This isn’t a cookie cutter job, we start by creating 3D renderings of your home theater room and then our highly trained technicians and licensed electricians do the work to bring you the ultimate home theater. Get ready for epic movie nights.

The best home theaters have the best seating. Comfort and luxurious seating will take any home theater to the next level. The CO-DA team can recommend some top brands to help bring you the theater of your dreams.

This is “The Brain” behind a home theater integrated automation system. CO-DA customizes each rack for every project to make sure it is capable of delivering every function you want in your system with seamless integration.

If you like watching movies, entertaining guests, or upgrading your home, then yes, having a home theater is worth it. Especially when you have experts like CO-DA integrating the theater into your home. We ensure your investment yields the greatest return to the value of your home with the highest quality speakers and surround sound systems, TV screens, and overall layout.

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