Home Security Tips: Adding Automation Could Save You and Your Family’s Lives!


I’m a Burglar — Here is How to Outsmart Me!

Strengthening your home security vulnerabilities against a burglar is easier and more affordable than you think. We live in a world that is advanced in technology; why wouldn’t you want that technology to serve you in protecting your most valuable assets?


Here are 6 important home security tips to make your world a little safer. 


Home Security Tips #1 – Are Your Home Security Cameras Visible?

The average cost of security cameras is $125 to $450 each, including setup and installation labor. What is the value inside your home, especially if your children are at home? If a camera is visible, thieves know you’re likely protected. Of 57 convicted burglars surveyed by NBC 4 New York, 37% said they would avoid breaking into a house with a visible security camera positioned near a door(s).

Cameras are your eyes before you see, and they can be programmed to be as personal as your property. The technology in cameras is advanced these days. We now have the ability to set boundaries in locations for alerts. Smart technology can remember faces, license plates, and trigger lights or music when lines are crossed and even let you know when someone comes on your property with a firearm. What if your camera knew, when it sees your license plate, to open the garage door and turn on the pathway lights before you even park? What if your child came home after losing the keys and, due to facial recognition technology, your house unlocks for them and plays their favorite song as they arrive?

There are so many possibilities for technology, and when utilized well, can make our world a better, safer, and smarter place.

As for some additional thought-provoking ideas that can save your home from intruders–here we go!

Home Security Tips #2 – Be Smart on Social Media

When you’re posting your vacation on social media, who is watching your house?

Keep in mind even if you’ve set your social media settings to “private,” the information you post can potentially be accessed by people outside your social circle. 

According to the Bureau of Justice (Source): Victims knew their offenders in 65% of violent burglaries; offenders were strangers in 28% of cases. 

We live in a world where more and more burglars use social media to target potential victims. Don’t make it easier for them by announcing when your vacation begins or posting during your trip. Wait to post pictures afterwards. 

Technology Can Protect Your Home When You are Not.

Home Security Tips # 3 – Lock Your Doors and Windows

This one is obvious, but with a long to-do list on a busy day it is possible to forget the simplest of tasks. Technology is an extension of you; when you forget/can’t be somewhere, technology can cover for you. Smartphones are the link: By installing smart locks, you can manage your locks from wherever you are. Smart lock deadbolts will give your door extra reinforcement if someone were to attempt to break in.

Home Security Tips #4 – Don’t Ignore a Knock on the Door

With today’s technology, you can answer a knock on the door from an app on your phone or set up an automated message. The technology in your home can send you alerts customized to your needs. For example, alerts can tell you when someone is at your door, play an automated message, or allow you to talk from your phone to answer the door. You can truly be in two places at once, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. 

Home Security Tips #5 – Automate When You’re Away

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, research suggests that break-ins are most likely to occur during the day, most often on weekends between 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Did you know it’s possible to establish a program for your home security specifically for when you’re away? Through Savant or Control4 programs, you can set up scenes for lights to turn on/off at specific times, just as if you were home. Motion-sensored outdoor lights add an extra layer of protection when you’re away. A well-lit property is hard to navigate around without being noticed. Even if the burglar knows you’re not at home, lights can seem too risky to ignore.

If someone is watching your home, you can change things while you’re away that keeps them guessing as to whether you’re home or not. You have technology in your home right now that can work for you while you’re away. All you need is the right way to control that home security technology for your specific needs.

Home Security Tips # 6 – Get an Alarm System

We’ve been told for years that a home security system is a first line of defense for keeping your property safe. The sound of a home alarm system going off quickly deters most burglars, however, some burglars said they follow a fast and efficient routine that allows them to get in and out in less than five minutes, giving them time to get away before police can respond. This is often accomplished by a crash and smash attack. Oftentimes it takes a burglar less than 30 seconds to find your alarm panel, and there is usually a 30-60 delay before the alarm system goes off. If your alarm panel is smashed it can be disabled easily. Even if your alarm panel is in a locked metal box, all they have to do is tear the metal box off the wall or simply cut the wires coming out of the metal box to disable the system. So how can you get the most out of your alarm system? Get alerts on your phone telling you someone is approaching your property, then, cameras can identify who they are, and if it looks suspicious, you have the control to alert your security team before anyone enters the property. Automation alerts give you all the control.

Now you know all the tips and tricks for strengthening your vulnerabilities against a burglar, and it won’t cost a fortune.

These home security tips will only get you so far. Call us today to get your home secure with smart home automation!
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