Upscale Restaurant Experience

Perfect for After Work
Drinks or Game day Hangs

This client wanted to automatically set scenes based on the time of day or day of the week. With Savant automation we tied in lighting control, audio, video, and HVAC to allow a seamless transition from lunch rush to evening cocktails.

Also included on the premise is a private dining area that gives anyone who reserved the space the ability to watch multiple games, present on a large 140” screen for a corporate meeting, or be fully independent than the rest of the restaurant.

We’ve also incorporated a “pour yourself a beer system” into the establishment along with a point of sales system.

171 Flat Screen TVs. 80+ Speakers.
Pour Your Own Beer System.

av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte_co-da_residential_audio_video_installation
av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte
av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte

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