2 large wireless surround sound speakers in a home

Wired vs. Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

2 large wireless surround sound speakers in a home

When considering wired or wireless surround sound speakers for your home, there are a few things to take into account. Before we get to that, imagine this scenario:

You’re settling down for a long-awaited movie night at home. You’ve got your big screen TV, comfy seating, snacks, and maybe even some brews (if the kids have finally gone to bed). Then, the film is all queued up, and the lights go down. 

You go to press play, but the sound coming out of your speaker set-up is flat. Maybe it doesn’t move around you with the action on screen. Or perhaps the worst of all, you’re still relying on your TV speakers, so the sound barely reaches your ears.

Sound is essential for a perfect movie night, whether you use wired or wireless surround sound speakers. The question is, where do you begin to figure out how to get your sound system set up right?

There’s a lot of information and products out there that can be overwhelming when choosing how movies and music sound in your home. Read along to get our expert opinion on wired vs. wireless surround sound speakers.

Can you use any speakers for surround sound?

Yes and no. It all depends on your sound preference and the overall aesthetic of your home. While wired speakers deliver the overall best sound quality consistently, wires can be a pain to deal with and difficult to hide. On the other hand, wireless speakers produce great sound, but they may not deliver the absolute crispest sound you hear when listening to a wired speaker.

These days, various options are available for your home theater and music audio needs, including hybrid systems that include wired and wireless speakers. It can be overwhelming to try and wade through them all. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each.

Large wireless surround sound speakers

Are wired speakers becoming obsolete?

Wired speakers can offer the most robust setups. These can involve anything from speakers mounted on your walls and ceilings to actual in-wall installations similar to those in movie theaters—by no means are they becoming obsolete.

These days you can get wired speakers that offer Dolby Atmos technology, initially found only in movie theaters, for a whole 3D spatial audio experience right in your home. 

A Dolby Atmos surround sound system only requires a minimum of 5.1.2 channels – that means five speakers around you, one subwoofer, and two overhead or up-firing units. However, they usually require a professional to set up, so make sure to reach out to an audio expert before tackling this kind of electrical project.

Do you lose sound quality with wireless surround sound speakers?

It’s true that wired speakers still offer the absolute best sound quality, but it’s a difference that many homeowners would not even notice. Most home theaters are small enough that wireless speakers will do beautifully at any volume levels needed for your space. 

Wireless surround sound speakers are easy to set up, can be placed anywhere without drilling into walls or worrying about visible wires, and often come with various smart apps for control. However, one potential downside is dependence on a solid internet signal and the remaining need for a wired power source

While a few fully battery-powered wireless surround sound speakers are on the market, you’ll still need to consider the batteries will need to be plugged into a socket to charge every so often, which could be a hassle.

What’s The Difference Between Wireless Surround Sound Speakers And Bluetooth Speakers?

In a wireless setup, both the speakers and the audio source communicate via your home’s internet connection. Bluetooth speakers, however, receive a signal directly from the device transmitting to them, for example, your phone. This connection makes Bluetooth speakers dependent on their closeness to Bluetooth transmitting devices.

For wireless setups, as long as your home wifi signal covers the whole house, you don’t have to worry about having all components of your audio system nearby. Technology-wise, Bluetooth speakers currently cannot offer as quality sound as wireless or wired speakers can. So if you’re serious about your home theater audio or the way the music sounds throughout your home, you’re better off sticking with wired or wireless surround sound speakers.

Are Wireless Surround Sound Speakers Better Than Wired Ones?

Both wired and wireless speakers come with their quirks. The third approach to your home’s sound system could be to mix the two types of speakers, using localized sets of wired speakers that are all connected centrally by a wireless network. 

This way, you can get the superior sound of wired speakers without running as many wires, all while also taking advantage of the flexibility of wireless setup and control features.

Family watching tv together while listening to the movie with wireless surround sound speakers

Pros and Cons of Wired VS. Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Who makes the best wired and wireless surround sound speakers and systems?

The best surround sound system is one that fits with your unique home design and home theater needs in mind, and that’s exactly where CO-DA excels. We offer a wide variety of solutions designed to provide you with the complete home surround sound system of your dreams.

If you’re ready to upgrade the sound in your home, contact us here.

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