Take Your Restaurant/Brewery to the Next Level with Professional A/V


With nearly one million restaurant locations in the United States, patrons have more options than ever on where to dine. And although providing delicious food will always be a top reason people opt for one restaurant over another, the overall aesthetic is increasingly becoming a factor. With so much fierce competition out there, restaurants and breweries alike are forced to become more creative than ever with how they entice customers and keep them coming back time after time. 

One of the best ways to do this and create a distinct atmosphere whether at your restaurant, bar, or brewery is to have a professional audio video system installed. It can enhance the overall restaurant experience, and in turn, keep customers within your four walls longer. This ultimately will result in more sales. AV for restaurants is the way to go.

Here are a few ways that professional audio video can transform your restaurant from normal to next-level:

Music Makes all the Difference

Excessively loud music can be quite unpleasant when you are trying to have a conversation while at a restaurant. You must consider maintaining a balance. Ideally, you or your customers shouldn’t be able to hear knives cutting or glasses clinking–it should all just be background noise.

With Savant automation solutions, one we use frequently in commercial spaces, owners can control sound, lighting, and HVAC. And when you have multiple locations, our automations make it easy to create brand consistency across those locations. In essence, the owners will have total control of the ambiance and can set certain “scenes” just the way they want it, all with zero room for human error.

Make sure that you choose a high quality sound system. We live in a day and age where top-quality sound systems are accessible to anyone, so if your music quality is low, it will stand out to your customers. Believe it or not, even a small dip in sound quality can make a massive difference in your customer’s dining experience. Crystal clear sound quality can set your restaurant apart from the rest.

Set the Tone with Lighting

You’d be surprised to see the incredible effect lighting can have on your restaurant’s ambiance. In some cases, merely reducing the light can significantly improve a room’s look. Instead of fluorescents, use LED lights to ensure you can dim them according to your preference. Mood lighting can also make a big difference to your restaurant’s aesthetic. Adjusting the lighting during different times of the day can elevate your customer’s experience, making it a place they will want to come back to and recommend to their friends. Our automation systems can do this for you so you don’t have to have your hostess adjust the lighting throughout the day.

With Savant automation solutions, the lighting and shades will operate depending on time of day and weather. Having automated lighting for restaurant chains really helps because no matter where you walk into a restaurant, no matter the location, you will always get the same “feeling.” Consistency is important when it comes to establishing a name for your brand.

Ultimately, lighting can be used strategically to guide your customers around your space. If you don’t use it wisely and efficiently, you could lose opportunities. 

Let’s say a group of influential patrons came into your restaurant and wanted to partake in an impromptu photoshoot to appear on their social media feeds. If you don’t have the proper lighting, then they can’t do that and take advantage of your space and promote it. You could potentially be losing exposure and losing patrons because of this. 

Another interesting fact about the effects of lighting: According to research from Food & Wine, guests dining in well-lit spaces are actually up to 24% more likely to make healthier eating decisions than those in dimly lit rooms due to a higher level of alertness.

Up the Entertainment Factor

This is more frequently geared towards sports bars and breweries, but flat-panel displays can make a significant impact and liven up the overall mood. These flat panels can showcase sporting events, music videos, TV programs, and keep guests entertained and happy while waiting on drinks or food. Beyond that, you can also use these flat panels for digital signage, encouraging patrons to use a particular hashtag when publicizing your place of business.

If your restaurant happened to be more upscale, these flat panels could double as frames for digital artwork. The options are truly limitless.  


Hire a Professional AV Team

CO-DA can set up smart automations for your restaurant where you can create the exact experience you want, every day, without fault and without relying on a person to do it. Once our systems are set up, they do the work for you. Music comes on at just the right time with the right volume. The shades close and lights dim to perfection. The HVAC reacts to the weather outside for the day; the temperature will be just right at your restaurant. We give you automated control over your audio, video, lighting and HVAC.


Now go, create the restaurant of your and your customers’ dreams.
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