Is Charlotte the Next Tech Hub of the Nation?


You’ve probably heard of the Research Triangle, North Carolina’s famous tech and research hub between Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It’s where Apple is currently investing $1 billion in facilities to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other new and emerging technologies. 

It’s also where Duke University, North Carolina State University, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill are located. When people think of tech in North Carolina, they’re usually thinking of the Triangle. But what about Charlotte? And what about tech and tech companies in Charlotte?

Why Charlotte Is Booming

Over the past several years, Charlotte, about 120 miles southwest of the Triangle, has seen its own tech boom. This quickly became a growing trend as companies set their sights in North Carolina outside of the Triangle. The Charlotte Observer estimated in 2019 that the number of tech jobs in the city had increased by 30% during the previous five years and that number only continues to grow.

A lot of the growth is due to many tech headquarters in the city. Honeywell has recently made its home in the Queen City, along with many other blue-chip companies. It’s easy to see why this aerospace, building, and safety tech company enjoys a presence here

They’re far from alone. Joining them are financial technology companies like LendingTree, Credit Karma, and SmartSky Networks, which provide in-flight broadband internet services.

How Tech Helps


Not only does Charlotte’s ease of access (with its close airport and light rail) and quality of life benefit these companies, the reverse is also true.

Honeywell has already put money back into the community, supporting STEM education, disaster relief, and diversity programs in Charlotte. As mentioned before, jobs are increasing at a reasonable rate, leading to more money for the community and a better quality of life for Charlotte’s citizens. Credit Karma alone plans to add 175 employees in Charlotte this year, continuing its steady growth in the region.

As companies expand and connect, there will be many opportunities to develop brand new technology coming out of the city and its surroundings. Charlotte will continue to strengthen its reputation as a major tech hub in the nation.

Bringing Tech to Other Businesses

Non-tech companies, too, can benefit from this local boom with services and resources right at their fingertips to launch their businesses into the future. Even houses of worship are finding ways to embrace modern tools while keeping connected to their attendees. As tech expands into all aspects of our lives, businesses need to stay up-to-date or risk falling behind the competition.

It’s an exciting time for Charlotte’s tech industry and those who benefit from it, as it’s already well on its way to becoming the top in the nation. Even if you’re not part of a local tech company, you don’t have to worry about being left out. There are things you can do to take advantage of this growth.

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