Gym Owners: How to Use Audio Video to Improve the Gym Experience


Imagine this scenario …

A customer comes into your gym for their first-ever workout. Let’s even go so far as to give this customer a name – Andrew. Andrew is pumped up and ready to get after it. He just spent the last 10 minutes in the car with the music blasting and he can’t wait to work out. This is the beginning of his first gym experience.

He strolls into your gym with a pep in his step. There’s music playing, but the quality is off. It’s way too loud and there’s this weird crackling sound. Someone is being paged on the intercom at the same time. Andrew feels his energy dip as he loses momentum. 

He walks over to the treadmills to start with a little cardio to get his heart rate up. He notices 2 of the 5 TVs in front of the treadmills are turned off and the only one that’s open, wouldn’t you know it, is turned off, too. “Ok, I guess I’ll use this one,” he says, reluctantly. He notices that it’s super quiet in the treadmill section and that he can hear the guy next to him huffing and puffing. Andrew puts his headphones on. 


Since he doesn’t have a TV to look at while he’s running, he looks around the room. He notices that all of the TVs have cords dangling down, a few seem to be tangled, and there’s a satellite box lazily wedged behind each of the TVs. Andrew quickly finishes his warm-up run and heads over to the weights section.

On his way there, he passes by one of the group exercise classes and he can’t understand a word the instructor is saying as the microphone quality is so bad. It sounds like a bunch of mumbling. He finds it odd that even though the class is enclosed in its own separate room, the sound is still spilling over to the main gym. He gets to the weights and lifts hard for the next 45 minutes. 

Andrew leaves the same way he came in. He passes by another group class and still can’t understand what they’re saying. He passes the treadmill section and sees that 3 of the TVs are now off. He gets to the front where he entered and the music is crackling. “There’s probably just something wrong today. It’ll be better when I come back on Wednesday.”

He’s surprised that the next time he comes in, everything is still the same. Nothing has changed. Andrew stops going to your gym.

Unfortunately this scenario is all too common. Lots of gym owners don’t place enough care into where they put their sound systems, what they look like, or how they perform. However, more and more gym owners are realizing that their audio video experience must take priority within their fitness center’s walls. With over 32,000 gyms in the United States, gyms are going nowhere and people who are paying for memberships expect a lively and stimulating experience.

This blog post is going to show you a few ways you can improve your customers’ experience at your gym. 

Install the Sound System the Right Way

There is nothing worse than loud music blaring right in your face while you’re working out. Ideally, speakers are best mounted high up and on the corners of the space, making sure the acoustics are well taken care of. Another thing to watch out for? Visible cords. This makes for an unsightly aesthetic. Cords should be neatly encased and out of the way of busy gym-goers’ eyes, and feet.

Everyone’s goal at a gym is to work out efficiently. This is one of the main reasons why having professionals install audio video is so important. If you do it yourself or opt for someone without experience, there’s a good chance that the system will turn out more complicated than it needs to be. You want audio video that’s easy-to-use and intuitive.

Another word to the wise: If a wi-fi password is needed for any audio video system within the gym, make sure the password is simple and straightforward. This seems like a minor point, but it can have a major impact on whether clients become repeat or not.

No matter how big or small your gym is, utilizing sound and music the right way can work wonders and increase membership numbers. Audio video for gyms is vital.

Video Distribution 

Believe it or not, many gyms prefer the idea of having a satellite behind each tv. When they have 40 different TVs and a cable box behind each, it creates a terrible visual and is hard to manage. Imagine how burdensome having so many remotes to keep track of every day can be. Clean power and one single cable creates a professional look while distributing the audio of the TV. Essentially, automation can control video distribution – digital signage, and 4k cable boxes.

Everything can be controlled from one remote, which in turn, takes the pressure off of a gym manager and guarantees that whatever gym you frequent in a chain, the experience will be the same. Consistency is especially important when you’re building multiple locations.

Make Sure Your Audio is at the Correct Decibel

Playing music too loud in your gym’s main exercise area is a big mistake. Music doesn’t need to be so loud that gym-goers who are opting for headphones or watching a television program can’t hear their own sound (or thoughts, for that matter).

Steer clear from raising your sound system’s volume, as it can be quite off-putting for most gym members. Consider keeping it at mid level, making sure people without earphones can hear it and those without them aren’t disturbed. It is crucial that your gym is always playing music and that there aren’t any issues with your sound delivery — no pauses in music, no skips, no muffled lyrics.  

Liven Up the Group Training Area

Your gym’s group training area is where your main focus should be. Unlike weight lifting or cardio areas, group training sessions are more interactive. So, if you really want to crank up the volume, this is the place where you can do it without any worries. The right playlist can evoke camaraderie among the group training participants, making sure they enjoy their workouts and stay at your gym rather than switching to a different one or simply working out at home. 

Since group training sessions generally have instructors, it is important that you get a high quality microphone to ensure every participant can hear directives.

A reputable audio and video team can help you find the perfect solution for your gym, making sure every instruction is heard no matter how big or noisy the room is.

Display screens need to be accessible from all angles of the room. A client at the gym wants to be focused on their workout and not straining their ears or eyes so that they can understand an instructor. 

Other things to consider when installing audio and video into a group class area:

While there are many “best practices” for an audio video system at a health center or gym, remember that these are not hard and fast rules. Not all gyms are created equal so that is why selecting a professional and established audio video company, like CO-DA, to get the job done is so vital. We make sure the individual gym’s needs are always met, which in turn, means more satisfied customers for you.

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