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Hopewell Baptist Church was in need of a Technology company that would not only listen and react but also partner with them for the long haul. And that is exactly what we, CO-DA, offered to them as well as what we offer to the rest of our church community.

The team at Hopewell was in the process of building a brand new Worship Center and wanted a partner that could design, consult and integrate all aspects of the different technology worship tools that would be needed in this new space. We were eager to help them achieve what they were after and had a plan in mind from the get-go.

We designed systems for audio, video, lighting and streaming for this space over the span of a year. For audio, we used EAW QX series speakers for the main house and complemented those with EAW speakers for front fills and subs. Each of the speakers is driven by EAW’s award-winning UXA amplifiers. For mixing, we employed the use of the Allen & Heath DLive series consoles for front-of-house and for streaming, with the flagship S7000 console out front and the C3500 in broadcast. We utilized Shure Hand Held Mics and DPA choir mics and DPA lavaliere mic for the Pastor. We also utilized Sennheizer in-ear monitors for those appearing on stage. For video, we combined the use of Panasonic PTZ cameras (3) with BlackMagicDesigns switching and AJA video routing. The main displays in the worship space are Absen video walls 9’ x 16’.  Video is distributed throughout the building and combined with audio to provide switchable and routable audio and video to individual points.

For lighting, we used the Jands Vista console and software to drive multiple lights fixtures from Chauvet and House Lights from The Light Source. Many of these fixtures are moving heads and easily directed to the intended target.

During the past year, we have added upgrades of newer Panasonic PTZ cameras, new controllers for each of these, Upgraded BlackMagicDesign 2M/E switcher and additional mics from Shure and in-ear monitors from Sennheizer. Complete control and access are provided through QSC – Qsys. Recently, we upgraded the Youth area lighting with Jands software and control along with the addition of several Chauvet lighting fixtures. 

Our time spent with Hopewell was advantageous for both sides and we look forward to the growth we will experience together.

AWARD-WINNING amplifiers.

av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte
av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte
av_ brands_audio_video_in_charlotte

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