New Year. New Tech. A Whole New Direction for Your Company

Smart technology continues to get smarter.

If you’re enjoying the benefits of a commercial automation system already, you know how it can simplify operations and streamline overhead costs.

But tech companies continue to innovate. And your business needs to keep up with the times.

AI. Predictive analytics. Cybersecurity.

The New Year is poised to offer fresh opportunities and novel challenges for your Waxhaw, NC business.

Here, you’ll find the tech you’ll need to get a head start on the competition. And all you have to do is keep reading.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been a scary concept ever since Hal took over the mission in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

And pop culture hasn’t been kind to it over the years.

But for business owners in the 21st century, AI is a game-changer.

Contemporary applications of the tech have less to do with killer robots and a lot more to do with making all of the data you collect useful.

Major companies like Walmart and Amazon already use advanced AI software to help them understand customer behavior, enhance marketing initiatives, and grow their business.

In 2018, that technology is going to become cheaper, more efficient, and applicable to your day to day operations.

Predictive Analytics

A close cousin of AI, predictive analytics software helps your company assess the behaviors of clients and customers to determine what they’ll do next.

It’s the kind of tech that helps you see the future.

Smart devices already apply this technology to everyday situations. Your smart thermostat can learn when to adjust the temperature to keep you comfortable. Your surveillance cameras can send alerts if they detect a potential threat.

But in the New Year, PA technology will help you manage queues, determine debtor risk, generate customer response and make effective operational decisions.


Both AI and PA play a big part in modern cybersecurity.

It seems like no matter how hard you try, threats just keep getting bigger and bigger. You need to take precautions, but you’re still at risk.

But many innovative tech companies are coming up with appropriate solutions.

One California-based company is even re-imagining what it means to be secure in cyberspace.

Instead of trying to stop threats before they occur with firewalls and anti-virus protections, their focus lies in human behavior.

By tracking how employees and customers engage with the technology, they attempt to predict the kinds of actions that open your system to risk.

Is this the future of cybersecurity? Only time will tell. But as we head into 2018, you can never be too careful.

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