4 Ways A Proper AV Setup Can Help Church Services Run Smoothly


It’s no secret that a reliable AVL (audio, video, lighting) setup can make for an exceptional worship experience at your house of worship, but technical problems can sometimes get in the way. 

Have you ever tried to hold a virtual service and had the video stutter or the audio cut out? Maybe you’ve had screen displays in your house of worship stop working, or projectors freeze up. These snags and delays can get in the way of what is really important, a great worship environment and delivering the gospel message, clearly and trouble-free.

No Distractions for You, No Distractions for Your Worshippers 

Distractions are not something that you want during a worship service. Not only are they distractions for worshipers but also for volunteers and those operating the systems. Proper planning, practice, and system checks all help to keep systems working and keep distractions to a minimum. 

We have all experienced the moment when projectors quit working or the computer freezes or the batteries in the microphone are dead. Most of these problems have solutions that involve proper setup and pre-service checks. It is not reliable to assume that the batteries that were good for the first service are still healthy enough to last the next service, or that because everything worked well last week it will be ready to go this week.

Technology requires that we are always checking systems and monitoring them for level of service. This includes practicing the service during the week or at least checking the systems during pre-service rehearsals.

It can be frustrating to experience technical issues during service. We have all experienced them and it is not pleasant. The best way to avoid such times is to employ a good set-up.

By properly installing and setting up your AV system from the start (we recommend using a professional from CO-DA), you can be sure your whole system is compatible and your focus can remain where it should be during your service. and there are no issues to worry about.

Clear, Crisp Audio


Imagine: Everything seems to be going well with your service, but all of a sudden, everything starts coming out garbled from the sound system that’s meant to reach every area of your building. Or worse, one (or more!) of the speakers stop producing sound altogether. 

Many times this may be a loose wire that is easily fixed but there are times when the system itself is not up-to-date and is failing. Checking your audio during pre-service or rehearsals helps to identify the problems early. Professional system analysis is available to track down problems and identify the shelf-life of your current equipment. (CO-DA is a great choice).

Proper setup and maintenance of your audio system guarantees clear, crisp sound that delivers your message to everyone attending your services. 

Remote Services and Streaming

The events of the last eighteen months (Pandemic) have given the church a new challenge to reach its members and share the worship experience with those who might otherwise visit. Even though your church may be gathering in person, the experience of virtual church has now become a new tool to reach your community. Streaming services, along with in-person service, will most likely be the norm for the future.

So how do you overcome the set-up problems associated with streaming. The first step is to always make certain that you have reliable internet with speeds that fulfill your need and are stable throughout busy times. Sunday mornings have become large traffic loads for your network as you try to broadcast your service beyond the walls of the building. With the proper setup, you can manage multiple audio inputs, various camera angles, and high-definition video, just like a televised broadcast, all from your house of worship.

Designing a system that will present your worship experience to the world outside the walls of your church requires planning and collaboration. Although most of us have simply connected to the internet through Zoom, Facebook, or even YouTube, your video will suffer if it is not monitored or aspiring to levels that match your in-person experience. Professional advice and design will help raise your broadcast to great heights.

No Worrying When Things Go Wrong


What happens if words on the screen go out when everyone is singing or you’re reading a verse and all the lights turn off?

A proper AVL setup ensures these kinds of mishaps are few and far between, and you can quickly fix them should they occur. If you know your setup and have well-trained staff, it will be much easier to troubleshoot the problem.

Ready to power up your sermons with a modern AV setup? From consultation to installation and even staff training, we can partner with you for success!

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