3 Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas


With the weather heating up for summer, people firing up barbecues and jumping in pools looks more inviting than ever. Your backyard is more than just a place for burgers and a swim. With the right setup, it can become the best outdoor entertainment area and the envy of your neighborhood.

The best part about investing in your backyard entertainment area is you don’t have to go out of town to have a great time in the summer. Your house can become THE house to visit, creating the perfect environment for your friends, family, and neighbors. However, to create the backyard of your dreams, you have to ensure you know what it takes to bring your outdoor entertainment to the next level. That’s why we highly recommend reaching out to the experts at CO-DA to give you a free smart home technology consultation. Contact us here.

How can I make the outdoor entertainment area in my backyard fun?

It’s easy to make any backyard space fun as long as you choose the right tech to complement your space. Maybe what you need is an outdoor oasis where the centerpiece is a pool with a crisp surround sound audio setup and smart lighting. Maybe you’re all about those cozy summer nights, cuddled on the back deck with sleeping bags in front of your weather-proof, glare-proof outdoor TV.

Whatever the case, a modern backyard needs modern solutions for audio, video, lighting, and more. It also needs to be seamless. You don’t want to be troubleshooting tech when you should be enjoying your time with friends and family. There’s nothing less satisfying than warm beer and cold barbecue because you were crawling under the deck trying to rewire your speaker system while the party continued without you.

It’s about time you stop having to worry about turning on the outdoor lights at a certain time, charging your outdoor bluetooth speaker, or worrying about how well you’ll be able to watch TV depending on how bright the sun is. Technology should be simple and just because it’s outdoors, doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. It’s our job and expertise to ensure you have the ultimate backyard entertainment area setup this summer.

Dive into this blog to get an in-depth perspective on the best ways to turn your backyard into a place you’ll never want to leave. Whether you have great technology knowledge or barely know how to turn on your TV, we’ve got you covered. The experts at CO-DA will show you just how seamless technology can be and how it will upgrade your smart home technology and improve your quality of life.

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What do you need for your outdoor entertainment area?

The answer truly depends on your unique backyard setup, but we can offer some tips to get you started!




Video & Lighting:

Sometimes it’s just too hot to enjoy your backyard during the day. But you can make the most use out of your outdoor entertainment area by adding some features that will make nighttime just as alluring. 

Maybe you already have an outdoor projector screen, which is great as long as it’s dark enough for the projector lamp to give you a good picture. However, you don’t have to wait until total darkness to enjoy a backyard movie night with an outdoor TV. Some models are even bright enough to work well in direct sun.

Perhaps you’d rather keep the pool party going late into the night. In that case, a complete lighting setup could create just the mood for any occasion. Depending on what products you choose, you may have a remote or app on your phone for total control, including brightness, color, and lighting effects, if you want to get extra fancy. It is essential to make sure the components you use are weather-resistant and made for outdoor use with any outdoor electrical equipment.

Fun extras – smart fire pits, shades, and more!

Everything at the touch of a button—that’s the kind of ease you want in an outdoor entertainment area setup. Did you know that there are fire pits you can control with your phone? The same goes for sun shades. Depending on where the sunlight hits your backyard, you can install automated sun shades to give your guests a nice cool place to sit any time of the day. You can even hook up your entire pool maintenance system to your system.

These days you will find that most outdoor technology comes with smart capabilities. All it takes is a bit of know-how to get the system properly connected. If it all seems like too much work for those lazy summer days, we understand. That’s why CO-DA is here!

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