The Ultimate Video Conference Room Setup


Every business needs to build and maintain a good relationship with a variety of people. This often ranges from partners to suppliers to investors and even team members. To be able to build and maintain these quality relationships, there is a need for effective communication. This is where a professional video conference room comes in and saves the day.

Video conferencing helps you save time, expenses and boost productivity. This is why you need to take special care when setting up your room for video conferencing. 

What is the Best Setup for a video Conference room Meeting?

The best setup for a video conference room meeting is using Creston integrated with either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. These setups allow you to start your meeting with just one click. They provide an easy way for you to create and control your conference meeting. 

They are full-service teleconferencing platforms that provide you with all you need during your meeting, ranging from control panels to scheduling. Zoom room goes further to provide you with email integration. 


What Equipment do I need for a Video Conference Room? 

There is some essential equipment you need to properly conduct a teleconference, this includes:

Video Displays 

Video displays include your screen and monitors and depend largely on the size of your conference room. You want to pick a screen that allows everyone to see faces on a conference call or data displayed on the screen.

Video Conferencing Technology 

There are various things to consider when picking technology for your video conference room. Although there is a lot of video conferencing technology due to recent activities, you must still consider the following rather than just picking any of them: 

The most common video conferencing technology includes Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Audio (Speakers and Microphones) 

The ultimate video conferencing room needs a quality sound system to be able to function. A sound system isn’t just about volume but must be compatible with your video conference room. There are on-table or in-ceiling microphones, speakers, and soundbars.

Things to Consider when Picking Microphones and Speakers Include:



The best camera for your conferencing room depends a whole lot on the size of the room. For smaller rooms, you need to find a camera that clearly shows even those sitting close to the camera. Since most cameras have a narrow viewing angle, you need to check out the specifications of whichever camera you pick and ensure that its features are perfect for you.

The lighting of the room also affects how well the camera can capture members in the room.

How do I make my Conferencing room look Professional?

To make your conference room look professional, you need to ensure that each piece of equipment you pick works well with each other. Not only that, but you need to consider the overall aesthetic of your conference room and choose equipment that pairs well with it.

When selecting your microphones, you can choose between wireless and wired microphone options. Imagine using wired microphones in a large conference room. Now, imagine the final look of that conference room; it’s probably not so professional, right?

Selecting equipment that fits the size of your conference room while adequately performing the exact functions you purchased them for are keys to designing the perfect conference room for your team. Following these instructions would give your conference room a professional look, just the way we set up Wastequip with a perfect professional video conference room using the following technologies:

If you’re ready to set up your ultimate conference room, we can help you with the professional look you need, equipment, and installation. Your desired conference room is just one step away.

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