this is the ultimate golf simulator for home in charlotte nc

The Best Golf Simulator for Home

this is the ultimate golf simulator for home in charlotte nc

When the pandemic struck in 2020, it drove everyone indoors for months. Felt like hitting the driving range? Unless you had your own or a golf simulator for home, you were out of luck. Perhaps you made do by practicing your short game in the living room. Of course, even then, you couldn’t simulate the changing contours of the green without shoving stuff under the carpet.


But now that it’s possible to get out and hit nine holes with your friends again, you might still have that nagging thought: How can you improve your game without having to drive to the course, pray that the weather cooperates, and spend a wad of cash on a bucket of balls you never see again?

Step Into the Future with a Golf Simulator for Home Use

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You might be skeptical that a simulator could ever hope to compare with the experience of hitting the fairway. We believe that we can put those doubts to rest.

Our Full Swing golf simulator for home practice has made its way into the rec rooms and offices of many demanding clients who have been blown away by the results, including the one and only Tiger Woods.

How Does It Work?

You’re probably aware of how realistic simulations have become for VR and top-end gaming computers. Full Swing simulators are just as impressive, providing a photorealistic course projected on a high-resolution screen up to 16 feet wide.

Our projectors are cinema quality, but there’s more to the simulator than just a sharp screen running at high frame rates. As an official PGA TOUR and TPC Network of Courses licensee, we’ve accurately mapped real courses to bring them to life in our simulators.

the perfect projector for a golf simulator from home setup

But it wouldn’t be much of a golf simulator for home use if it just looked pretty.

The real magic happens when you break out the clubs. The Full Swing simulators use high-tech tracking sensors to measure how your ball will fly down the fairway. You hit your ball right at the energy-absorbing diffuser screen, and the simulator takes it from there. The ION3 high-speed camera sends HD video to the simulator to calculate the impact of your club, and you see a seamless transition as your ball goes sailing into the virtual course. 

As for your physical surroundings, we haven’t left out any of the essentials. Each simulator comes with a wooden platform and enclosure, as well as an industrial-grade hitting mat and carpet. Together, these accessories provide the perfect surface from which to work on your drives, chips, and putts.

The Full Swing Pro Series

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We offer two levels of golf simulators for home practice. Our most advanced and best-selling package, the Full Swing Pro Series, is the same one that Tiger himself uses.

The Pro Series features 360-degree infrared tracking with 688 sensors to calculate the trajectory of your ball down to the inch. Combined with the ION3 camera, this sensitivity gives the most accurate, realistic tracking possible.

The Full Swing Sport Series

With the Sport Series, you still get unmatched technology that makes Full Swing such a breathtaking indoor golfing experience, only at a lower cost.

The Sport Series uses four high-speed cameras to take in-flight measurements and track your ball as if you were actually on the fairway. Additionally, you still get the option of software add-ons like swing analysis, multisport gaming, and more courses. Even in its stripped-down form, it’s still so real it’s unbelievable!

Virtual Green

Remember when we mentioned sticking stuff under the carpet to mimic specific terrain? Maybe you can see where we’re going with this one.

The Virtual Green is a putting green that physically alters slopes and undulations to simulate practically any putting contour you would find on a real course. Just use the HD touchscreen to select your surface and the Virtual Green adjusts its shape to match.

This model is available in two different versions: the compact VG1, which is perfect for smaller residential spaces, and the larger, more luxurious VG2.

A Golf Simulator for Your Home

this is what an awesome golf simulator for home looks like in a rec room

Like what you’re hearing? Your next step will be to figure out how to get a simulator into your living space. The first thing you’ll need is a dedicated area.

It doesn’t have to be an entire room, though having a rec room, basement den, or other entertainment area that offers adequate space is a plus. From there, all you’ll need is enough wall space to accommodate the projector screen (which will be bigger than just about any big-screen TV on the market) and a place on the floor for the carpet and hitting mat.

Then there’s your budget. Here’s roughly what you can expect to spend when you install a Full Swing golf simulator in your home:

  • Full Swing Pro Series: Starts at $54,900
  • Full Swing Sport Series: Starts at $44,900
  • Virtual Green: Starts at $70,900

That may sound like a lot of money, but you get what you pay for, and with Full Swing, you’re getting the ultimate in golf simulation. There’s nothing else on the market that even comes close.

If you’re looking for the best golf simulator for home, office, or clubhouse use, this is it.

golf simulator for home can also be installed in your office

Tee Up With CO-DA

CO-DA is the name to trust for fast, professional, unobtrusive home golf simulator installation. We don’t just enhance spaces with our audio/visual expertise — we transform them.

Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the breathtaking setups we’ve put together for our customers in the past. When you’re ready to step up your game, contact us to get started with your dream home golf simulator installation.

If you would like, you can also put a golf simulator for home in your office

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